Improved Quality Ratings and Financial Accuracy

We can help you achieve real value by providing guidance to make better decisions. For a hospital or health system to be successful, the severity or condition of all patients in all settings must be accurately demonstrated. All patients and all encounters matter.

Our CDI program includes the entire care continuum:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient Facility Encounters
  • Professional Billing Needs

We bring the perspective and experience of having worked with over 600 hospitals, including some of the largest academic medical centers and health systems in the country, as well as many community based hospitals. We use this expertise to help each of our clients achieve their objectives.

Our focus is on the people, process, and technology needed to impact CDI programs and facilitate extraordinary performance.

CDI Insight ®

Accurate Medical Record Documentation

Whether you are starting a new CDI program, refreshing your current program, expanding your program into the outpatient populations, or supporting your existing program, we can help.

The healthcare landscape is undergoing significant changes. The trend towards value-based reimbursement is reshaping the healthcare industry.  Documentation integrity has become even more important for providers.

Positioning for Success:

Success with CDI is a strategic imperative and requires the attention of the entire organization – including the C-suite.  CDI is not solved by technology.  We help our clients with their people, process, and technology needs for enhancing and expanding their CDI programs.

CDR2 ®

Exclusive Software Platform Support

CDR2® facilitates the CDI process and includes automated workflow management, integrated queries, and robust reporting and measurement tools. CDR2® is highly customizable, allowing our clients to configure it to fit the unique and diverse needs of the different hospitals or health systems.

Our software platform helps support our CDI clients by offering:

  • Workflow Tools
  • Program Management
  • Technical Features

With the CDR2® software, you can benefit from Claro Healthcare’s unparalleled understanding of, and experience with, CDI. CDR2® has been built by a team that has been focused exclusively on CDI for over 20 years.




Query integration

Case alerts and prioritization

Real-time updates


Hospital system integration

Real-time dashboard

Robust reporting

Communication tools

Benchmark data

Reference data


Web-based application

Hosted or local installation

Real-time data via HL7

Support for multiple browsers

Tablet compatible

Import/export data

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