Our Healthcare Technology Consulting & Technology Solutions


Our Healthcare Technology Consulting & Technology Solutions


Claro Healthcare is focused on helping our clients get every medical record right across the care continuum, across all payors. We focus on our clients core business problem, complete reimbursement, accurate quality ratings, compliance, and apply these goals to each encounter.

Claro Healthcare Next Generation Technology

Proprietary CDI Technology Solutions

  • We believe CDI technology needs to be designed to support these concepts and principles.
  • Your CDI team should be focused on the integrity of the medical record, acting as clinical detectives to find and pursue all opportunities.
  • You need a balance of people, process, and technology to achieve your goals.
  • Patients are complicated, and many opportunities are not of a predictable nature.

Guiding Principles

  • Focus on, and support, the clinical detective function – not create a concurrent coding function.
  • Provide the appropriate content to develop and support a wide diversity of CDI team skill levels.
  • Provide clear, salient, actionable analytics to help direct CDI teams.
  • Design flexible technology to facilitate the client process, not to impose a specific process, to achieve the highest possible results for each client.
  • Provide a head start in the review process for our client teams, by evaluating each medical record for some preliminary opportunities.
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The Claro Healthcare 20/20 portal is a central hub for clinical documentation improvement education and analytics.

Creates a more robust and coherent medical record, enhances communication among clinicians, reduces missed opportunity to capture additional diagnoses leading to improved risk of mortality, severity of illness, missed reimbursement and provides foundation for ICD-10 success.

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We look forward to working with you.